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Speak Up Storytelling

Oct 1, 2019

On episode #66 of the Speak Up Storytelling podcast, Matthew and Elysha Dicks talk storytelling.

In our follow-up segment, we ask for advice about our cat, which isn't really followup, but desperate times call for desperate measures. 


November 2: Great Hartford Story Slam, Hartford Flavor Company
November 9:
 Sara Kaplan: Champion of the World at Emmanuel Synagogue, West Hartford, CT
November 23:
 Twenty-one Truths About Love book release, CT Historical Society, Hartford, CT
December 14:
 “Crafty” at CT Historical Society, Hartford, CT
January 11: “Still Life: Stories of Stopping and Slowing Down” at the Wadsworth Atheneum
April 4:
 Speak Up at the Unitarian Universalist Society, Manchester, CT


October 25-27: Storytelling workshop (beginners), Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health
November 9: Storytelling workshop (Beginner), CT Historical Society
November 16: Storytelling workshop (Advanced), CT Historical Society
December 6-8: Storytelling workshop (advanced), Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health
January 25: Storytelling workshop (Beginner), CT Historical Society
February 22: Storytelling workshop (Advanced), CT Historical Society

In our Homework for Life segment, Matt talks about a moment from a recent storytelling competition and discusses how finding moments of surprise in our lives often lead to the best stories. He also discusses not giving up on stories or assuming that stories can only serve one purpose. 

Next we listen to a story by Carla Katz. 

Amongst the many things we discuss include:

  1. Humor in storytelling

  2. Managing listener's expectations by letting them know what to wonder about and what to let go

  3. Creating moments of emotional resonance in an otherwise hilarious story

  4. Rounding out the arc of a story 

  5. Presenting new or unknown information within appropriate context so as to make that information clear enough

Next we answer a listener question about how Matt became a a storyteller and how the Speak Up partnership works. Credit is also  given to Steve Zimmer, Erin Barker, Catherine Burns, George Dawes Green, and especially Jenifer Hixon as mentors of the craft.  

Finally, we each offer a recommendation.  


Purchase Storyworthy: Engage, Teach, Persuade, and Change Your Life Through the Power of Storytelling

Purchase Twenty-one Truths About Love 

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