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Speak Up Storytelling

Oct 8, 2018

On episode #20, Matthew and Elysha Dicks talk about finding excellent stories in your everyday life using Matthew's strategy "Homework for Life." They discuss how a small moment could be used in a multitude of ways. 

Next, we listen to Matthew Dicks's story (me!) about being arrested for a crime he did not commit, followed by commentary and critique, including:

  1. Effective openings to stories
  2. The use of interior dialogue 
  3. Telling the story from the perspective of who the storyteller was rather than who the storyteller is
  4. The power of ending stories with unanswered questions
  5. Avoiding confusion in a story through the use of ambiguity or cultural references

Then we answer listener questions about copyright, launching your own storytelling show, and the intersection of storytelling with film and television.  

Lastly, we each offer a recommendation. 


Homework for Life:

Matthew Dicks's website:

Matthew Dicks's YouTube channel: 


Elysha: Stories by Michaela Murphy -

Matt: Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen -