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Speak Up Storytelling

Aug 13, 2018

On episode #13, Matthew and Elysha Dicks talk about finding excellent stories in your everyday life using Matthew's strategy "Homework for Life," including moments that consist only of thought and yet are potentially storyworthy. They also talk about the predictive nature of certain words and phrases. 

Then we listen to Leland Brandt's story about his crush on the character in a movie, and his opportunity to meet that character later in life, followed by commentary and critique, including:

1. Summarizing stories within a story

2. Telling stories that span years chronologically 

3. Maintaining delight and surprise through pacing

4. Inhabiting the story for emotional effect

5. Finding universally connective moments in stories

6. Seeing storytelling as a matter of engineering or choice

Elysha and Matt then answer listener questions about preparing stories for the stage (including memorization and practice) and the nature of Moth storytellers today. 

Lastly, Matt and Elysha each offer a recommendation. 


Homework for Life:

Matthew Dicks's website:

Matthew Dicks's YouTube channel: 


Elysha: Ink (the app) -

Matt: "Jeff Bezos Banned PowerPoint in Meetings. His Replacement Is Brilliant" -