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Speak Up Storytelling

Feb 12, 2020

On episode #85 of the Speak Up Storytelling podcast, Matthew and Elysha Dicks talk storytelling!

In our follow up segment, we discuss some Homework for Life feedback from listeners and clients, talk about our new Patreon account, and share about upcoming events in the Speak Up realm. 


February 22: “Leap: Stories of Daring Risks and Epic Failures” at Bears Smokehouse/District, New Haven, CT
March 21: Great Hartford StorySlam, Hartford Flavor Company
April 4: “Pity the Fool: Stories of Fools and Foolishness” at the Unitarian Universalist Society, Manchester, CT
April 5: Voices of Hope storytelling showcase, Mark Twain House, Hartford, CT


February 22: Storytelling workshop (Advanced), CT Historical Society
March 7: Storytelling workshop (Master class), CT Historical Society
March 21: Storytelling workshop (Advanced), CT Historical Society
April 18: Storytelling workshop (beginner), MOPCO Improv Theater, Schenectady, NY
July 27-31:
 Storytelling boot camp, CT Historical Society

In our Homework for Life segment, I talk about a moment on my spreadsheet that did not require human interaction, and then I outline the story for the audience. 

Next we listen to a story by Lael Lloyd.  

Amongst the many things we discuss include:

  1. Pacing

  2. Holding back information to propel a story forward

  3. Painting a clear picture in the audience's mind by using fewer words.

  4. Transition that cut into scenes

  5. Specificity and clarity at the end of stories

Next we answer questions about Elysha's favorite story and how to record anecdotes for future use.  

Lastly, we each offer a recommendation. 





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