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Speak Up Storytelling

Dec 4, 2019

On episode #75 of the Speak Up Storytelling podcast, Matthew and Elysha Dicks talk storytelling!

In our follow up segment, we discuss last week's book launch event. We also direct listeners to our new Soundcloud account and Matt's updated YouTube channel. We also ask listeners to help solve a problem.



In our Homework for Life segment, we talk about an unexpected reaction to jury duty and how that might become a story. We also talk about ways to avoid overcomplicating a story. 

Next we listen to a story by Joey Meyer.

Amongst the many things we discuss include:

  1. Saying big, important things by telling the story of a small, brief, encounter

  2. Outstanding openings and the power of perpetuating a mystery throughout the story

  3. Sliding details about location seamlessly into the narrative

  4. Effective sentence structure

  5. The hazards of harming animals in a story 

Next we answer questions from listeners about storytelling for job interviews and how writers can transfer what they do from the page to the stage. 

Lastly, we each offer a recommendation. 



  • Fleabag


  • Mike Birbiglia's "The New One"


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