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Speak Up Storytelling

Aug 6, 2018

On episode #12, Matthew and Elysha Dicks are joined by storyteller and guest host Jeni Bonaldo.

We talk about finding excellent stories in your everyday life using Matthew's strategy "Homework for Life," including how moments from our lives can mean different things depending on the story we want to tell. We also hear from Jeni and Elysha on how they are applying Homework for Life.  

Then we listen to Jeni's story about pretending to be something your not while poolside and the ramifications of this innocent game of imposters, followed by commentary and critique, including:

1. How to remember your story

2. Strategies to hide a surprise in a story

3. The elements of a highly effective opening to a story

Elysha, Matt, and Jeni then answer listener questions about preparing stories for the stage and dealing with nervousness prior to and during a performance. 

Lastly, Matt, Elysha, and Jeni each offer a recommendation. 


Homework for Life:

Matthew Dicks's website:

Matthew Dicks's YouTube channel: 


Elysha: Hit Parade podcast -

Matt: Courtney Bellanti's GrandSLAM story -

Jeni: Spoken word poet Olivia Gatwood -