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Speak Up Storytelling

Oct 26, 2019

On episode #69 of the Speak Up Storytelling podcast, Elysha Dicks and I talk storytelling!

In our follow up segment, we discuss my recent forays to Moth StorySLAM in New York and Boston. We also acknowledge several listeners, and Elysha and I make a bet that is soon resolved, much to the despair of the losing side.

In our Homework for Life segment, I talk about a moment that happened minutes before the podcast was recorded, and we discuss the inherent dangers of telling a story that is too self-congratulatory. I also discuss the strategy of bookending a moment as a means of structuring a story.

Next we listen to an improv story by Matthew Dicks. The original story featured on this podcast has been removed by request of the storyteller, so we've replaced it with an improv story from a Speak Up salon show. 

Next, we answer a listener question and offer recommendations.



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