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Speak Up Storytelling

Jul 23, 2018

On episode #10, Matthew and Elysha Dicks talk about finding excellent stories in your everyday life using Matthew's strategy "Homework for Life," including how moments from today can unearth valuable and sometimes unbelievable moments from the past. They also talk about how not every moment is destined to be a formal story but can have a variety of other uses. 

Then we listen to Kristin Budde's story about being a new doctor with a problematic patent, followed by commentary and critique, including:

1. The strategic use of humor in a story

2. Shifting perspectives between the first, second, and third person

3. The best place for a story to land

4. The proper use of the word nonplussed

Elysha and Matt also answer listener questions about their marriage and when it's okay to break Matt's storytelling principles. 


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