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Speak Up Storytelling

Jul 30, 2018

On episode #11, Matthew and Elysha Dicks talk about finding excellent stories in your everyday life using Matthew's strategy "Homework for Life," including how moments seemingly inconsequential moments can become good stories. They also talk about how Homework for Life is useful for fiction writers, too.

Then we listen to Jessica Isom's story about the secret weighing on her heart and mind during her final weekend of college, followed by commentary and critique, including:

1. The power of vulnerability

2. The importance of giving the most important moments in your story the proper weight

3. The effectiveness of an early stake

4. The use of the phrase "for example"

5. The effective use of a "crystal ball" in a story. 

Elysha and Matt also answer listener questions about why storytelling shows often have themes and how to tell stories about other people.


Homework for Life:

Matt's shoe thief story:

Speak Up storytelling:

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Elysha: Jurassic Park (the movie)

Matt: Cinefix's Top 5 Plot Points of All Time: