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Speak Up Storytelling

Dec 10, 2020

On episode #106 of the Speak Up Storytelling podcast, Matthew and Elysha Dicks are back, talking storytelling!

In our follow up segment, we discuss copyright and upcoming shows, workshops, and more.  

In our Homework for Life segment, Matt talks about taking advantage of historical moments in time to craft stories. 

Next we listen to a story by Emily Apter. 

Amongst the many things we discuss include:

  1. Oral storytelling vs. essay  

  2. Effective use of lists

  3. The power of contrast

  4. Pacing

  5. Opening lines

Next we answer questions about a possible possible on marriage and breaking the storytelling rules.  

Lastly, we each offer a recommendation. 



  • Emma marathon


  • The Story Collider's recent COVID-19 series


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